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Giving Girls More


I recently went on a Taster Day to learn more about ‘Girls Journeying Together Groups’ which support mothers and their 10-12 year old girls. Kim McCabe created Rites for Girls and has been running these groups for years in response to having a daughter and realising how little there was [...]

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The Prince and the Footballer


Once upon a time a Prince and a footballer battled the big taboo... The Prince's Part The Heads Together campaign is doing so much to challenge the stigma and taboos around mental health, however a few weeks ago when Prince Harry was honest about his own personal struggle, following the loss of his [...]

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Well-being Crisis in Boarding Schools?


This is a great video with recent ex-boarders sharing how Boarding School affected their sense of well-being and how they had to survive the experience. Watch the Video here: Boarding School Survivors Nick Duffell provides expert explanations and highlights the risk that children "emotionally never come home".  He also points out [...]

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A Vision of Relationship


Newsletter, Issue 15 I was touched last week to hear how a client and his wife designed a wedding week rather than a single day after exploring what they wanted from 'getting married'. It was a wonderful reminder of what is possible when we have a clear vision of what [...]

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The Secret to Happiness?


Newsletter, Issue 6 Why Looking After Yourself Might Be the Secret to Happiness Scene 1: Sitting at my PC going round in circles trying hard to write my newsletter. Options: • Eat a piece of chocolate • Eat a bar of chocolate • Put the washing on • Do admin [...]

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