Relationship Advice For Women

Wanting relationship advice for yourself as a woman?

Our relationship with ourselves is the foundation for all our other relationships, and we learn most about ourselves in relationships with others. As women, we yearn to feel special. All this is why our love relationships stir up so much for us, whilst also bringing the potential for growth.

I work with women on a wide range of relationship issues:

Maybe you are in a relationship wanting…

  • help with your relationship, but your partner isn’t up for coming to sessions, or it doesn’t feel safe to talk in front of them,
  • space to re-find or understand yourself,
  • to talk and work through a new stage of life – maybe getting married, becoming a mother, losing a parent, getting divorced,  step-family life,
  • help to leave an abusive relationship, whether physical or psychological.

Perhaps you want…

  • to understand what stops you finding the relationship you yearn for and how to change this,
  • support to recover from a difficult or abusive relationship or bad breakup, so that you can move on.

Here are a few of the reasons women come to me as a trained relationship specialist:

I feel lost

“I feel lost and can’t see the way forward”

Want to find yourself again so that you can make choices that will make you happy? Whether you are in a relationship, recovering from a difficult relationship or wanting to meet someone, knowing yourself and finding your voice is the key to creating a wonderful and healthy relationship.

I want a relationship

“I don’t seem to be able to find the man or relationship that will make me happy”

Is it time to explore what relationships mean to you? Come and explore how you can feel happier and take steps towards a healthier relationship.

I'm resentful

“I’m resentful towards my partner”

Is it time for your anger to be heard, to understand what has happened in your relationship, whether you can reconnect or not, and how you can move forward?


I feel crazy

“Am I going mad? I don’t know what’s true anymore”

Would you like to feel sane and make sense of your relationship? Once you understand the relationship dynamics, you start to have a way to help yourself. The good news is that focusing on your needs and dreams is probably part of the answer!

I'm overwhelmed

“I’m emotional and out of control – it’s affecting everything”

It’s normal to have times where our emotions build up – whether because of a relationship or some other event or circumstance. Come and feel heard, start to feel yourself again, and able to manage your life.


Walking on eggshells

“I’m not myself and I’m walking on eggshells in my relationship”

Come and feel safe and comfortable so you can explore what is happening in your relationship.

What does it mean to you to be a woman?

Despite being an intrinsic part of our identity, this can be a difficult question to answer. We all learn different things about being feminine from our mothers and female role models. We are shown something about what it is to be a woman – some helpful, some not, and some less relevant to our generation and who we feel we are now.  Knowing our identity as women is central to how happy we are in ourselves, and then in relationships, so it’s a rich place to explore.

“Thank you so much for your wisdom, warmth and support this year. You have made a big difference to my life”


Wife, Mother & Psychologist