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Needing Help with Your Relationship? – Relationship Advice for Couples

“Seeing Caroline was a last ditch attempt to seek assistance with a dark & scary place that me and my partner were in. We went separate ways largely due to not being able to hear each other.

Caroline gave us a safe place to be able to listen and speak openly, without recourse. We worked hard, laughed (for the first time in a long time) and started to actually like each other again.”

Clare - Andrew's partner
“We both wanted a close, loving relationship, but our methods were totally different. Counselling was new territory, being so open with a stranger and also with my partner.

Taking bold moves to look at the ugly issues and address each in sequence, preventing them from remaining bottled up, breeding frustration and resentment. We both now feel we have the confidence, faith and skills to overcome our differences.”

Andrew - Clare's partner
“Thank you – I feel that I have grown significantly as a person. Your approach, care, feeling and guidance throughout the time we were seeing you was very much valued by me and I feel better equipped.

I was sceptical of the value of coming. I now believe that without your help I would have been in a much worse place both personally and work wise. You gave me the space to allow me to think and process what was going on.”

Robert - Separated, Director
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Do you need relationship advice for couples? Are you wanting to find out how to:

  • Move from conflict and arguments to feeling connected and able to resolve things?
  • Stop being stuck or going round in circles, to being able to move forwards?
  • Rediscover the love you seem to have lost?
  • Stop feeling trapped or lost and be more yourselves within the relationship?
  • Or separate and move on?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

It won’t be easy, or instant, but after probably investing a great deal in your relationship, it’s worth daring to find out, isn’t it? Here are a few of the reasons couples come to me as a trained relationship specialist:

We’re terrified

“We’re terrified our relationship is over”
Would you like to come and find out where it’s going? It’s normal to hit a stage in a relationship where we feel it might be over, however it can just be that we don’t know how to move onto the next stage, rather than the end of the relationship itself. It’s worth finding out which, as it’s already painful and tiring here.

We’re stuck

“We’re stuck in the same old pattern - it’s exhausting and not good for either of us”
Why not choose to come and find out what is happening in your relationship and dare to explore what change might mean.

After an affair

“There’s been an affair.. we have no idea if it’s possible to recover or what to do now”
Come and make sense of what has happened and see what that means for your relationship. Sometimes we can need a third party and a safe environment to have difficult conversations.

We Argue

“We argue all the time and it’s hurting the children”
Give your family a chance by exploring your conflict and see if you can learn to resolve things and reconnect.

We’re separated

“We are separated, but don’t seem to be able to let go and move on”
Come and explore what you are holding onto and what stops you letting go. Understanding how we ended up so far from our vision of a relationship helps us move on.

Step-family challenges

“Step-family life is so hard – our relationship is at breaking point”
Come and talk openly about the challenges of step-family life and your relationship in the midst of it. Explore what might help you positively manage as a couple and how you might find the way through.

Is there any hope for our relationship?

It’s normal to struggle in relationship and reach points where we can’t see the way forwards. Understandably, we tend to feel anxious that the whole relationship is over, when it may just be the end of a relationship phase. If couples can be honest together about what is ending, then it is possible to explore what new phase might be beginning. This can lead to deeper intimacy and connection at a point where we might least expect it, and a healthier, sustainable relationship.

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