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Relationship Coaching isn’t just for Couples – Relationship Advice for Men

“Caroline’s coaching skills include a powerful combination of great insight, refreshing honesty and genuine compassion.

Her understanding of relationship issues is exceptional, and I felt that she saw me very clearly and was on my side. I trusted her completely.”

Derek - Father, Education Consultant & Writer
“The feeling of contentment and ability to get away from the battle that was raging in my head every day is so enormously valuable to me.”
Duncan - Husband, Father & Investment banker
“Thank you – I feel that I have grown significantly as a person. Your approach, care, feeling and guidance throughout the time we were seeing you was very much valued by me and I feel better equipped.

I was sceptical of the value of coming. I now believe that without your help I would have been in a much worse place. You gave me the space to allow me to think and process what was going on.”

Robert - Separated, Director
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Our relationship with ourselves is the foundation for all our other relationships, and we learn most about ourselves in relationships with others. Men grow up wanting to feel appreciated. All this is why love relationships stir up so much, whilst also bringing the potential for growth.

I work with men on a wide range of relationship issues:

Do you need relationship advice for men?

Maybe you are in a relationship wanting…

  • help with your relationship, but your partner isn’t up for coming to sessions, or you don’t want talk in front of them,
  • to talk and work through a new stage of life – maybe getting married, becoming a father, losing a parent, getting divorced, step-family life.

Perhaps you are single wanting…

  • to understand what stops you finding the relationship you yearn for and how to change this,
  • support to recover from a difficult relationship or bad breakup, so that you can move on,
  • help to manage step family-issues.

Here are a few of the reasons men come to me as a trained relationship specialist:

I'm stuck

“I feel there is no way forward in my relationship”
Wanting to work out what has happened in your relationship and what to do about it, without feeling too exposed? It’s normal to not know enough about relationships and to learn along the way, support can help you see what’s really important.

I'm avoiding

“I'm avoiding my partner - I don’t know what to say or do to make things better”
Come and understand what is happening in your relationship and how communicating can help. Until we talk about it, we may never see what is possible, ending up down a cul-de-sac when we really want to be on the open road.

I feel so angry

“I feel so angry all the time, especially with my partner”
Free yourself by learning more about your anger, what other emotions might be underneath it and how to let it out safely. How would it be to live more and survive less?

I'm doing my best

“I’m doing my best, but feel I’m failing in step-family life”
Find out why it is easy to feel on the outside within a step-family and what this means for your relationship with your partner and the kids.
Find the ground within yourself from which to positively manage this busy reality.

My sexual desire

“My need for sex gets me into trouble”
Want to be happy in your relationship, but you don’t know how to manage your need for sex? Turning to porn or having an affair is only one option. Find out more about sex, love and sustaining intimacy so you can turn to your partner and be happier in your relationship instead.

She wants more

“She wants more communication and I have no idea what she means”
Wanting to work out what has happened in your relationship and what to do about it, without feeling too exposed? It’s normal to not know enough about relationships and to learn along the way, and support can help you see what’s really important.

What does it mean to you to be a man?

This is a hard question. Roles are no longer so clearly defined and our society has few rites of passage. Your father and male role models, or lack of them, will have shown you something about ‘being a man’ – some helpful, some not, and some less relevant to your generation and who you feel you are now. Knowing yourself as a man gives you the ground to be happier in relationships.

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