About Your Relationship Coach – Caroline Burr

Caroline Burr is a specialist relationship coach working with individuals and couples. Her warmth, intelligence, energy and boldness create a safe environment to fully explore relationship, with yourself and between you and your partner.


I’m Caroline, a Relationship Coach

Married with three sons, including twins, Caroline is learning all the time from her own relationships and life, as well as ongoing training and supervision. With two children at secondary school and one at College she is a busy mum, learning how to be there for them through their tween / teen years and all that brings, advocating for and supporting a neurodivergent son as well as washing endless clothes and being a taxi service!

If you would prefer a male coach, my husband, Jonathan Burr, is at INRelationship. We also sometimes work together with couples.

My Approach

“I’m told my understanding, compassion and creativity are invaluable to clients”

Caroline is unusual having combined life coaching with psychotherapeutic and counselling based relationship training. Clients benefit as she has a wider base to work from, integrating the positivity of focusing on the life and relationships they want, alongside addressing blocks and patterns related to the past.

Prior to starting coaching in early 2002 and rebranding as ‘Your Relationship Coach’ in 2005, Caroline worked as a Change Management Consultant at Unisys and in Business Development at Norman Broadbent. This included working with clients such as Microsoft, RBS, McKinsey, Ernst & Young, Cisco and Shell, as well as consulting with a range of VCs, incubators and start-ups.

Relationships help us to learn about ourselves

“Relationships are at the heart of our lives as human beings, they are integral to our happiness. Having struggled with relationships myself, I went in search of answers and wanted to share what had helped me and specialise in relationships“

“I find it is usually a relief for clients to realise that relationships help us learn about ourselves and cannot be ‘perfect’, as much modern media reports.” Accustomed to working with couples on their relationship, Caroline has the ability to manage highly charged sessions. “In helping clients to discover a new awareness and understanding of relationship, I enable them to find stability in themselves and increased confidence, choice and happiness in relationships with others.”


  • 2021 – Certificate in EMDR in Therapy & Coaching, with the EMDR Centre
  • 2008 – Diploma in Creative CoupleWork, with training in Couple Counselling & Relationship Psychotherapy, with The Centre for Gender Psychology
  • 2005 – Contextual Couples Counselling Certificate, with The Centre for Gender Psychology and Re.Vision
  • 2002 & 2003 – Co-active Life Coaching & Leadership Training, with CTI in the UK and US
  • 1994 – Diploma in Vocational Guidance, with Reading University
  • 1992 – Degree in Biology

Additional Specialist Training & Workshops include:

  • 2023 – Improving your EMDR Skills – the EMDR Centre
  • 2022 – Therapeutic use of Polyvagal Theory – Emma Chapman
  • 2022 – Psychodynamic Understanding, Treatment & Care of Gender Dysphoric Children and Young Adults – Marcus Evans
  • 2021 – Neurodiversity Conference – Parenting Special Children
  • 2019 – Multigenerational Trauma, Relational Life Therapy Training Program, Relationship Life Therapy – part completed
  • 2019 – Sexual Grounding Therapy weekend, UK Centre for Psychosexual Therapy & Education
  • 2018 – Woman Within Wholeness Workshop, Feminine Archetypes, Woman Within UK
  • 2017 – Relational Life Therapy Training Program, Level 1, Relationship Life Therapy – mostly completed
  • 2017 – Recovering from Trauma through Attachment Conference, Parenting Special Children
  • 2017 – Deep Into Defence Mode Course, Asperger Experts
  • 2017 – ‘Beyond Oedipus’ – psychosexual training, UK Centre for Psychosexual Therapy & Education
  • 2016 – New Ways with Last Ditch Couples, Relational Life Therapy
  • 2016 – Specialist psychotherapy training to work with ex-boarders – focused on sexual abuse, bullying and female ex-boarders
  • 2016 – Training on Domestic Abuse, DASH
  • 2015 – Sexual Grounding Training for Relationship Specialists, Helena Lovendal
  • 2015 – Traumatology training, with a focus on ex-boarders
  • 2015 – Trained as a Facilitator for the Boarding School Survivor Women’s Workshops
  • 2014 – ‘Working Therapeutically with Ex-Boarders’ Training
  • 2014 – ATSAC Conference on Sexual Addiction, including in ex-boarders

Expert Facilitator & Presenter

  • 2015 – ‘Find Your Voice’ Workshop for MBG
  • 2015 & 2013 @ Boarding Concern Conferences. Co-facilitated the Partners, Adult Children & Siblings of ex-Boarders Workshop
  • 2009 – present: Presentations to Thames Valley Counsellors – a small, local group of therapists, counsellors and coaches where we take it in turns to share our learning and experience on a wide range of topics and specialist issues.

“Caroline is one of the most energetic and creative colleagues and former students we have ever worked with. She is full of good ideas and ready to implement them, while retaining her sensitivity to sensitive emotional subjects and a terrific sense of humour.”

Nick Duffell

Founder of Centre for Gender Psychology, Man Woman Project & Boarding School Survivors, Husband & Father

“Caroline has a down to earth, human approach in her client work, is conscientious and goes to great lengths to understand her clients and their concerns. She incorporates psychological theory with experiential practice which leads to her work being grounded and thorough.

Caroline engages in her own personal psychological work and uses supervision to ensure her professional work is at a high standard – Caroline walks her talk.”

Leanne – Supervisor, Coach & Counsellor

Supervisor, Coach & Counsellor