Gender Differences

Giving Girls More


I recently went on a Taster Day to learn more about ‘Girls Journeying Together Groups’ which support mothers and their 10-12 year old girls. Kim McCabe created Rites for Girls and has been running these groups for years in response to having a daughter and realising how little there was [...]

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Getting Teens to Listen


Most of us can easily summon up the image of Harry Enfield's 'Kevin' when we think of teenagers.. but what does that mean for us as parents when we need to be able to communicate with them? Uncertainty around How to Parent As our eldest son approaches his teen years [...]

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Father’s Day – The Secret of Appreciation


So what is important for dads when it comes to Father's Day? It's easy for it to be reduced to gifts with few words - the classic cards and pressies on the usual masculine themes of sport, beer and gadgets. Refreshing the Parts Beer can't Reach... But what refreshes the parts that beer can't [...]

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Mother’s Day – for Mens eyes Only


What does 'right' look like? I imagine up there are many men trying to get it right for mother’s day, whether for their own mum or for their partner who's a mum, where the children are too young to do it all themselves. So what does ‘right’ look like? Of [...]

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Valuing and Managing our Emotion


Feelings are Information It is news to some of my clients that we are always feeling something and in turn that these feelings are important as they give us information and feedback about what we personally need and don't need. Our feelings themselves are neither good or bad, they just tell us different things. It is helpful [...]

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What’s YOUR Parenting Bueprint?


"I sound just like my mum/dad" With the arrival of a baby comes the arrival of a 'mummy' and a 'daddy'. OK, pretty obvious! However perhaps not so obvious is that these new roles instantly bring new baggage with them. They bring the couples own experience of being parented, or [...]

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Dear Will & Kate, tips as new parents


Dear Will & Kate, Royal or not, babies change lives.. wonderfully, unexpectedly and beyond recognition.. but the best bit is that you are not alone as suddenly you are part of a club with other mums and dads who don't have a handbook either. Here are a few thoughts from a fellow [...]

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Don’t fix me.. every woman’s wish?!


Its not about the nail.. I love this video ;) It's true. Men and women are different! Women tend to want to be listened to and their feelings heard, whilst men are usually more focused on going straight to a solution and fixing whatever they think the problem is. It's very [...]

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Sexuality – What did our parents teach us?


Newsletter, Issue 14 Through my relationship training and supervision, I have learned and continue to learn a lot about sexuality that has helped me for the first time understand my own experience more and opened up a new potential for intimacy. I should emphasise the word potential before you conjure [...]

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Miscarriage – a common yet often hidden experience


When I suggested writing an article on miscarriage the response was surprisingly positive given the associated pain and grief. It is a common experience that is little spoken of considering its impact on women and their partners' lives. Getting pregnant, carrying a baby and giving birth is still an uncertain [...]

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