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Getting Teens to Listen


Most of us can easily summon up the image of Harry Enfield's 'Kevin' when we think of teenagers.. but what does that mean for us as parents when we need to be able to communicate with them? Uncertainty around How to Parent As our eldest son approaches his teen years [...]

Stepmums on Mother’s Day


Lisa Doodson, an expert on step families, has allowed me to share her thoughts as a guest blog. "So it's Mother's Day on Sunday ... Should stepmums expect a card, flowers perhaps from their stepchildren? Well as always, with anything related to stepfamilies, it depends!! There are no rules. Accept anything [...]

Step Families, Part 3: More Positive, Tangible Approaches & Ideas


Newsletter, Issue 10 Here's a further five concrete ideas, following on from Part 2. 5. Create a blend of rules. Accept there will need to be a mix of groups with different rules, and practically design life to acknowledge this. Write a list of what 'normal' used to look like [...]

Step Families, Part 2: Positive, Tangible Approaches & Ideas


Newsletter, Issue 9 After speaking about what happens in step families and how individuals feel in Part 1, I know some of you are waiting for something more concrete that will support you in the realities of life in a step family, so here it is. Part 2 below introduces [...]

Step Families, Part 1: A New Perspective


Newsletter, Issue 8 Are you an Insider, an Outsider, or Both? Imagine for a moment the start of a new step family... The partners want to have space, specialness and time for their new relationship and an enjoyable start together. The parent(s) want their children to be happy and make [...]

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