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The Prince and the Footballer


Once upon a time a Prince and a footballer battled the big taboo... The Prince's Part The Heads Together campaign is doing so much to challenge the stigma and taboos around mental health, however a few weeks ago when Prince Harry was honest about his own personal struggle, following the loss of his [...]

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Stepmums on Mother’s Day


Lisa Doodson, an expert on step families, has allowed me to share her thoughts as a guest blog. "So it's Mother's Day on Sunday ... Should stepmums expect a card, flowers perhaps from their stepchildren? Well as always, with anything related to stepfamilies, it depends!! There are no rules. Accept anything [...]

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Reducing Christmas Stress and Bah Humbugishness


I know Christmas is supposed to be a lovely, happy time of year, but I tend to get a bit bah humbug in the build up to it, as it just seems to add lots of extra things to do and stress when I am already busy enough. This year felt like no [...]

Reducing Christmas Stress and Bah Humbugishness2013-12-10T14:31:30+00:00

The Season of Giving and Receiving


Newsletter, Issue 11 As I buy some final Christmas presents, I am aware of the challenges we can face giving and receiving. For example, I still find it easier to give than to receive. When I married, I was amazed at the amount we received; from parents helping pay for [...]

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“How to have a ‘Relative’ly Stress-free Christmas”


Newsletter, Issue 2 Christmas is coming... the decorations are up, Christmas music is everywhere, cards are vying for space and your fridge and freezer are no doubt filling up with goodies. Yet for many of us, this supposedly festive season can be the most stressful time of year. Why is [...]

“How to have a ‘Relative’ly Stress-free Christmas”2016-11-21T17:15:59+00:00