Overcoming Adversity

//Overcoming Adversity

The Prince and the Footballer


Once upon a time a Prince and a footballer battled the big taboo... The Prince's Part The Heads Together campaign is doing so much to challenge the stigma and taboos around mental health, however a few weeks ago when Prince Harry was honest about his own personal struggle, following the loss of his [...]

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Well-being Crisis in Boarding Schools?


This is a great video with recent ex-boarders sharing how Boarding School affected their sense of well-being and how they had to survive the experience. Watch the Video here: Boarding School Survivors Nick Duffell provides expert explanations and highlights the risk that children "emotionally never come home".  He also points out [...]

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Miscarriage – a common yet often hidden experience


When I suggested writing an article on miscarriage the response was surprisingly positive given the associated pain and grief. It is a common experience that is little spoken of considering its impact on women and their partners' lives. Getting pregnant, carrying a baby and giving birth is still an uncertain [...]

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Great Interviews of the 20th Century


'Great Interviews of the 20th Century' was the heading that caught my attention on the train (I confess in someone else's newspaper!) The Guardian are publishing 14 interviews.. I was facinated.. Whose stories stood out or held our interest over time? Which interviewers revealed something unique in an individual and [...]

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The Choice Point


I was in my early 20s and had been living with pain in my wrists, and physical limitations, since the age of 13. Facing the possibility that this might be as good as it got, I realised I had to learn how to live differently with pain. Enter a book [...]

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