The Prince and the Footballer


Once upon a time a Prince and a footballer battled the big taboo... The Prince's Part The Heads Together campaign is doing so much to challenge the stigma and taboos around mental health, however a few weeks ago when Prince Harry was honest about his own personal struggle, following the loss of his [...]

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‘The Archers’ Leads on Domestic Abuse


Over the last year you could well have overheard counsellors and therapists discussing 'The Archers'. Why? Because this BBC radio 4 fictional programme dared to tackle the difficult area of psychological abuse and how subtle and hidden it can be in relationships. The storyline following the relationship between Rob and Helen [...]

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When I had my twins I finally gave in and joined Facebook as a way to connect with other multiple mums. It was ideal, as juggling two babies, and often older kids too, meant we never knew when we would have a moment to connect, let alone pick up the phone, [...]


Freedom 9.9 – Reboot yourself


I was having a rare wander round my connections in LinkedIn and came across a woman who I had not been in touch with for years, but had always rated. I was just in a different place to her.. turns out we're now very much on the same page and I [...]

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Father’s Day – The Secret of Appreciation


So what is important for dads when it comes to Father's Day? It's easy for it to be reduced to gifts with few words - the classic cards and pressies on the usual masculine themes of sport, beer and gadgets. Refreshing the Parts Beer can't Reach... But what refreshes the parts that beer can't [...]

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Valuing and Managing our Emotion


Feelings are Information It is news to some of my clients that we are always feeling something and in turn that these feelings are important as they give us information and feedback about what we personally need and don't need. Our feelings themselves are neither good or bad, they just tell us different things. It is helpful [...]

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Don’t fix me.. every woman’s wish?!


Its not about the nail.. I love this video ;) It's true. Men and women are different! Women tend to want to be listened to and their feelings heard, whilst men are usually more focused on going straight to a solution and fixing whatever they think the problem is. It's very [...]

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Twins, Maternity Leave and all that…


Newsletter, Issue 19 Well it's been a while and you'd be forgiven for replying "Hi, stranger" as I stopped e-zines rather abruptly almost 2 years ago. As some of you know, the reason was due to the wonderful news that I was pregnant with twins (though the twin bit was [...]

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Early Parenthood Tips


Mums & dads are different! Here are a few tips for the first 3 months of parenthood to help you manage your relationship and the differences between you as parents, to make it easier to be a team together and enjoy this special time. 1) Chat about your experience. Sit down [...]

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Parenthood – A relationship Step. Part 3


Becoming parents is a time we want to feel happy and close, yet there is a deep undercurrent that brings change in our relationship with our partner, whether we want it or not. In the last newsletter we looked at how our expectations of parental roles has an impact on [...]

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