Well-being Crisis in Boarding Schools?


This is a great video with recent ex-boarders sharing how Boarding School affected their sense of well-being and how they had to survive the experience. Watch the Video here: Boarding School Survivors Nick Duffell provides expert explanations and highlights the risk that children "emotionally never come home".  He also points out [...]

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A ‘privileged’ education?


"Is a 7 year old ready to leave home?" A strange question to ask, and if you are a parent I imagine your immediate thought was probably "no!" Boarding school - a privileged education? I believe its time to challenge the idea that spending two thirds of the year at a boarding [...]

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Boarding school & its relational impact


Are you close to someone who was at boarding school as a child? A partner, sibling or parent? Do you know much about their time at school? Do you ever wonder about what impact the experience had and how it might affect their relationship with you? If you want to understand more, there [...]

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