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Stepmums on Mother’s Day


Lisa Doodson, an expert on step families, has allowed me to share her thoughts as a guest blog. "So it's Mother's Day on Sunday ... Should stepmums expect a card, flowers perhaps from their stepchildren? Well as always, with anything related to stepfamilies, it depends!! There are no rules. Accept anything [...]

Stepmums on Mother’s Day2017-07-10T09:06:20+00:00

INSPIRE Conference Finalist


I have been part of a wonderful and supportive local women's Business Network, Maidenhead Business Girls, for a few years now. I have been to meet ups and events, attended some fantastic training workshops, and given a taster and workshop myself, as well as being part of an active Facebook community, [...]

INSPIRE Conference Finalist2017-06-27T17:14:11+00:00

Twins, Maternity Leave and all that…


Newsletter, Issue 19 Well it's been a while and you'd be forgiven for replying "Hi, stranger" as I stopped e-zines rather abruptly almost 2 years ago. As some of you know, the reason was due to the wonderful news that I was pregnant with twins (though the twin bit was [...]

Twins, Maternity Leave and all that…2016-11-21T17:15:58+00:00

It’s All About Daddy


Newsletter, Issue 18 This summer our 4 year old son wanted to spend time with daddy; in the mornings, evenings, at weekends, on holiday, just about any time he could! He acted up more when daddy wasn't back before bedtime or left early for work and regularly told me he [...]

It’s All About Daddy2016-11-21T17:15:58+00:00

Parenthood – A Relationship Step, Part 2


Newsletter, Issue 17 Change 2) New Roles and Expectations Our 'Mummy' and 'Daddy' Blueprint With the arrival of a baby comes the arrival of a 'mummy' and a 'daddy'. OK, pretty obvious! However perhaps not so obvious is that these new roles instantly bring new baggage with them. They bring [...]

Parenthood – A Relationship Step, Part 22016-11-21T17:15:58+00:00

Parenthood – A Relationship Step, Part 1


Newsletter, Issue 16 I believe our early years of parenting are some of the most challenging and full on both for us as individuals and in our relationships. I can vouch that this has been true for me and my husband, as well as for many friends as we have [...]

Parenthood – A Relationship Step, Part 12016-11-21T17:15:58+00:00

A Vision of Relationship


Newsletter, Issue 15 I was touched last week to hear how a client and his wife designed a wedding week rather than a single day after exploring what they wanted from 'getting married'. It was a wonderful reminder of what is possible when we have a clear vision of what [...]

A Vision of Relationship2016-11-21T17:15:58+00:00

Sexuality – What did our parents teach us?


Newsletter, Issue 14 Through my relationship training and supervision, I have learned and continue to learn a lot about sexuality that has helped me for the first time understand my own experience more and opened up a new potential for intimacy. I should emphasise the word potential before you conjure [...]

Sexuality – What did our parents teach us?2016-11-21T17:15:58+00:00

Romcoms Impact on Intimacy


Newsletter, Issue 12 I was very happy to read an article in Metro called 'Real love is not all about romcom laughs' by Bel Jacobs. Why? Because it's great to see articles in everyday press challenging the romantic vision of 'love' and relationships, and encouraging people to look beyond it, [...]

Romcoms Impact on Intimacy2016-07-20T11:56:18+00:00

The Season of Giving and Receiving


Newsletter, Issue 11 As I buy some final Christmas presents, I am aware of the challenges we can face giving and receiving. For example, I still find it easier to give than to receive. When I married, I was amazed at the amount we received; from parents helping pay for [...]

The Season of Giving and Receiving2016-11-21T17:15:58+00:00
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