INSPIRE Conference Finalist

I have been part of a wonderful and supportive local women’s Business Network, Maidenhead Business Girls, for a few years now. I have been to meet ups and events, attended some fantastic training workshops, and given a taster and workshop myself, as well as being part of an active Facebook community, where we share business issues, challenges, ideas, information, contacts and encouragement.

Amanda Ayres, the Business Girls Network founder, is running her first INSPIRE conference and with it launched some annual awards. I was surprised to be nominated and a finalist in ‘ The Most Inspiring and Active Business Girl of the Year’ category. It has gradually sunk in, and I feel very touched and proud that others nominated me and value my contribution and commitment to supporting women within the community.

Amanda asked me to share why I set up my business and what drives me. After being on this journey for 15 years I had to pause for thought, but this sums it up for me:

“I set up Your Relationship Coach because I care passionately that Relationship is at the heart of all our lives; be it with ourselves, our partner or with what we dream of doing in the wider world. Men and women typically come to me at crisis point and wanting change in their lives, and it is a privilege to walk alongside them as they discover new self-awareness and choices. With couples this often means facing up to some hard, and sometimes unspeakable, truths and grief, whilst I hold the potential for a new way of being together and deeper intimacy, which some are be able to find.”

You are welcome to support me by voting before 1st March – it only takes 1 minute!

For more information on The Business Girls Network:, t. @mheadbizgirls, i. @bizgirlsnetwork.  #inspirembg2017.


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