Mother’s Day – for Mens eyes Only

What does ‘right’ look like?

I imagine up there are many men trying to get it right for mother’s day, whether for their own mum or for their partner who’s a mum, where the children are too young to do it all themselves. So what does ‘right’ look like? Of course it depends on the woman and the budget, but I want to suggest there is a bottom line that is true for all women that doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Women want to feel special

At the heart of it as women we want to feel special. It’s really that simple. At this point many men would argue that that’s far from simple! So what might it look like?

Perhaps its looks like a gift that reflects her passions or something that shows you have heard her dreams and future ideas as a mum and as a woman. Or words in a card that acknowledge her qualities and what makes her unique both as a mum and as a woman. The key is that the thought and focus outweighs any financial spend.

Shhh… Mum’s the word…

Notice the theme is about showing that you see the woman she is. I’ll let you into a secret.. as women we want to know we are NOT our mothers, however much we may love them and may be like them. So we need our individuality to be seen and cherished.

So don’t give your mum and partner the same mother’s day gift (or to be honest ever), or something to do with housework or her functional role. Don’t just speak about the things she does as a mum, speak about how she does things and the difference that makes.

I could share the psychological reasons why we differ in what we yearn for as men and women, but the real key is knowing it and choosing to act on it. Good luck with all those Mother’s Day cards and gifts. Trust your intuition to know what makes the women in your life happy and if you really don’t know why not make it your mission to find out.. It will make a difference in your relationship.

Father’s Day isn’t far off..

So if you are wondering what men yearn for look out for my father’s day post..

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