Being in Love

Hating Valentines Day?


Are you hating Valentine’s Day or loving it? Maybe it doesn’t feel like something to celebrate for you right now? Perhaps you're single and wondering when you will share in this pleasure, or perhaps you're in a relationship but feel far from a Valentinesque paradise. It’s great to have a [...]

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Ever thought your relationship was over?


A while back, Zoo’s Australian magazine were offering one ‘lucky’ man, who was ‘stuck in a busted marriage’, the chance to win a divorce, all expenses paid, with essentials for his new lifestyle thrown in; a top of the range TV, playstation, a cleaner and of course a party to [...]

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How Assumptions Stop Intimacy


This morning I've had to separate my twins for the whole day for the first time, leaving one in nursery and bringing the other home, as one is ill. They are only just 2 so whilst very aware of things will have a limited understanding of why this has happened. There goes [...]

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Relationship truths you need to know


Think back to your childhood.. what did you grow up thinking about relationships? Personally, I grew up with romantic fairy tales of knights in shining armour rescuing damsels in distress, followed by happy-ever after high school films and chick flicks and elaborate dreams of my wedding day. Relationships became something magical [...]

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A Vision of Relationship


Newsletter, Issue 15 I was touched last week to hear how a client and his wife designed a wedding week rather than a single day after exploring what they wanted from 'getting married'. It was a wonderful reminder of what is possible when we have a clear vision of what [...]

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Romcoms Impact on Intimacy


Newsletter, Issue 12 I was very happy to read an article in Metro called 'Real love is not all about romcom laughs' by Bel Jacobs. Why? Because it's great to see articles in everyday press challenging the romantic vision of 'love' and relationships, and encouraging people to look beyond it, [...]

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