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Mother’s Day – for Mens eyes Only


What does 'right' look like? I imagine up there are many men trying to get it right for mother’s day, whether for their own mum or for their partner who's a mum, where the children are too young to do it all themselves. So what does ‘right’ look like? Of [...]

Mother’s Day – for Mens eyes Only2016-11-21T17:15:57+00:00

Your Emotional History


A while back I spoke about feelings giving important information and feedback about what we personally need and don't need. Here I am going to help you reflect on your emotional history - what has been passed down the generations, what you might have learned about emotion growing up and what this [...]

Your Emotional History2016-11-21T17:15:57+00:00

Coaching is like a Good Book


I was touched when a client recently shared that they felt our sessions together were like reading a good book. On exploration it was not any great aha moments or particular chapters, but more the quality of the relationship where they feel heard and responded to, where there is hope and [...]

Coaching is like a Good Book2016-11-21T17:15:57+00:00

Reducing Christmas Stress and Bah Humbugishness


I know Christmas is supposed to be a lovely, happy time of year, but I tend to get a bit bah humbug in the build up to it, as it just seems to add lots of extra things to do and stress when I am already busy enough. This year felt like no [...]

Reducing Christmas Stress and Bah Humbugishness2013-12-10T14:31:30+00:00

Valuing and Managing our Emotion


Feelings are Information It is news to some of my clients that we are always feeling something and in turn that these feelings are important as they give us information and feedback about what we personally need and don't need. Our feelings themselves are neither good or bad, they just tell us different things. It is helpful [...]

Valuing and Managing our Emotion2016-11-21T17:15:57+00:00

A ‘privileged’ education?


"Is a 7 year old ready to leave home?" A strange question to ask, and if you are a parent I imagine your immediate thought was probably "no!" Boarding school - a privileged education? I believe its time to challenge the idea that spending two thirds of the year at a boarding [...]

A ‘privileged’ education?2016-11-21T17:15:57+00:00

What’s YOUR Parenting Bueprint?


"I sound just like my mum/dad" With the arrival of a baby comes the arrival of a 'mummy' and a 'daddy'. OK, pretty obvious! However perhaps not so obvious is that these new roles instantly bring new baggage with them. They bring the couples own experience of being parented, or [...]

What’s YOUR Parenting Bueprint?2016-11-21T17:15:57+00:00

Boarding school & its relational impact


Are you close to someone who was at boarding school as a child? A partner, sibling or parent? Do you know much about their time at school? Do you ever wonder about what impact the experience had and how it might affect their relationship with you? If you want to understand more, there [...]

Boarding school & its relational impact2016-11-21T17:15:57+00:00

How Assumptions Stop Intimacy


This morning I've had to separate my twins for the whole day for the first time, leaving one in nursery and bringing the other home, as one is ill. They are only just 2 so whilst very aware of things will have a limited understanding of why this has happened. There goes [...]

How Assumptions Stop Intimacy2016-11-21T17:15:57+00:00

8 Story styles for an easier life…


Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin... Yes… telling the right kind of story makes all the difference. In the "The Leader's Guide to Storytelling", Stephen Denning, shares his experience from within the World Bank and how he identified 8 distinct categories of story, each with a different style and [...]

8 Story styles for an easier life…2016-11-21T17:15:58+00:00
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