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Your Relationship Coach Services

Individuals and couples come to me for a safe place to explore and find their way through relationship issues. I bring new understanding of relationship dynamics and with new awareness the possibility to break old patterns and move forwards.

I work from our garden room in Eton Wick. Sessions are 50minutes, charged at:

  • Individuals – £80 per 50min session
  • Couples – £90 per 50min session

I also have a few reduced rate slots.

*Paintings by Martina Furlong



relationship coach

Affairs break trust and bring a lot of pain and hurt. Remorse is key if a couple are to find a way through together. I help couples to explore if this is possible and to try to understand what was happening in their relationship for this to happen.

1306, 2016

Some Truths about Affairs

To heal a relationship where there has been an affair, or even to move on and separate, is a hard and painful journey. After all, trust is at [...]

Abusive Relationships

We usually think of physical rather than psychological abuse, yet I often work with the latter. Whether you are in a relationship you want to leave, or are recovering from a difficult relationship, I can hold what is normal and what is not. I help clients rebuild their confidence, inner strength and sense of themselves so they can move on with their lives.

1002, 2017

‘The Archers’ Leads on Domestic Abuse

Over the last year you could well have overheard counsellors and therapists discussing 'The Archers'. Why? Because this BBC radio 4 fictional programme dared to tackle [...]

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Ex-Boarders & Their Partners

Going away to Boarding School may seem normal for you, whether you enjoyed or hated it. If as an adult you are struggling in relationships with partners and kids, unable to relax, a workaholic or escaping through technology, alcohol etc, and yearning something different, you may want to explore why being an ex-boarder might hold some answers. I also support partners of ex-boarders.

2903, 2017

Well-being Crisis in Boarding Schools?

This is a great video with recent ex-boarders sharing how Boarding School affected their sense of well-being and how they had to survive the experience. [...]

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When we are ‘in love’, intimacy and closeness feels easy. However, beyond this phase as we each bring more of our individual needs, relationships become a complex dance with more unconscious behaviour.  Vulnerability and intimacy are inevitably more difficult, and even scary enough to be avoided. I help individuals and couples rediscover intimacy.

807, 2016

The Art of Recovery

Yes - recovery in relationships is an art not a science. It involves intuition, empathy and a dance between two people who are trying to [...]

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Curious about what happened to your passion and why it has changed over the years? Our love relationships are different from friendships because of the sexual energy, yet few of us grow up learning how this changes over time and how to sustain it. Exploring this together can help your relationship thrive.

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unhappy couple

Separation is usually a painful and messy process. Whilst one or both of you decided the relationship is over, it’s normal to want to understand what went wrong, especially if you are struggling around your children, are not sure it’s the right decision, or keep going back to each other and seem unable to separate. I can help you work this through.

2006, 2017

Getting Teens to Listen

Most of us can easily summon up the image of Harry Enfield's 'Kevin' when we think of teenagers.. but what does that mean for us [...]

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Sexual Issues

Are you wondering what happened to the sex within your relationship? Has something difficult happened around making love that you aren’t able to talk about together? Sometimes it takes a safe place to share the unspeakable, and to dare to find out if you can find a way through together.

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Step-family life has different challenges as usually past partners are still co-parenting, and each family is unique in the way it’s come together. Knowing the extra layers are normal, and working out how to communicate and manage these as a couple can make a real difference.

2006, 2017

Getting Teens to Listen

Most of us can easily summon up the image of Harry Enfield's 'Kevin' when we think of teenagers.. but what does that mean for us [...]

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Why Choose Me

      • A trained relationship specialist
      • A powerful combination of coaching and psychotherapeutic approaches – creatively exploring your yearning and your history
      • Bringing the compassion and safety to enable you to explore the unspeakable and find your way forwards
      • In regular supervision and training
      • A specialist in supporting ex-boarders

What Client’s Say

“Seeing Caroline was a last ditch attempt to seek assistance with a dark & scary place that me and my partner were in. We went separate ways largely due to not being able to hear each other.

Caroline gave us a safe place to be able to listen and speak openly, without recourse. We worked hard, laughed (for the first time in a long time) and started to actually like each other again.”

Clare - Girlfriend
“Thank you – I feel that I have grown significantly as a person. Your approach, care, feeling and guidance throughout the time we were seeing you was very much valued by me and I feel better equipped.

I was sceptical of the value of coming. I now believe that without your help I would have been in a much worse place both personally and work wise. You gave me the space to allow me to think and process what was going on.”

Robert - Separated, Director
“Thank you so much for your wisdom, warmth and support this year. You have made a big difference to my life”
Elaine - Wife, Education Consultant
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