**NEW Webinar**


Tuesday 26th March at 20:30-21:30, £15

‘Recovering Connection’ –

New relationship understanding, giving you choices

  • Do you feel like you’re at crisis point in your relationship? 
  • Do you have a pattern in your current or past relationship and want to break it?
  • Are you looking to find a way to move forward and feel happier in your relationship?

In this one hour webinar you will gain a new or greater understanding of:

  • Relationship recovery & how you can develop this skill
  • Your reactions in a relationship & how understanding these gives you the chance to change stuck patterns 
  • The interactions between you and your partner (or past partner) & how this can help you create more intimacy

This webinar will suit anyone who wants to understand more about themselves in their relationship with their current partner, or a past partner, and to learn how to change a stuck pattern or cycle or improve a relationship. Whether you are male or female, in a relationship, or single, this will give you new insights.

Webinars are an easy way to learn more in private, where I will bring my relationship understanding to life whilst you watch from the comfort of your sofa. We often get little guidance and learning about what will help us create and sustain healthy relationships as we grow up, and what we glean from films, books, TV or magazines often leads us to expect something different. What is normal? How do we get through the tougher times? Why not join me and find out more.

What others say:

“Caroline Burr was a truly superb and empowering speaker! More please…” Helena

“You have a natural gift of connecting with the audience! You were brilliant.” Amanda

“I knew I had learned a lot from you, but am only just starting to realise quite how much.  Keeping a firm grip on my own identity and finding that everything is healthier and happier for it, ditto with my new-found ability to clearly communicate my needs and feelings. And listen to his. Think I will be thanking you for the rest of my days :)” Katy

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Wanting more?


This webinar is the first in a series.  I will be running these, as well as more in-depth and interactive virtual group sessions where there will be a chance to delve deeper, explore specific situations and address some unanswered questions. I am mindful of the need for confidentiality, so these will be set up appropriately.

The rest of the series will include:

  • Shifting Relationship Dynamics
  • Relationships after Children
  • Relationships in Step & Blended Families
  • Recovering after Affairs

There may be additional topics in response to participants questions. Dates to follow shortly.

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