**NEW Webinar**


Wednesday 1st May at 20:30-21:30, £15

‘Reigniting the Fire – Shifting Relationship Dynamics’

Our relationship dynamics, particularly where & how we get stuck, have a big impact on how we feel towards our partners & the kind of relationship we are able create together.

Are you:

  • Resentful of your partner?
  • Withdrawn & avoiding conflict, or arguing a lot with your partner?
  • Refusing or avoiding sex, or using sex as a way to feel something?

It is hard to break the cycle & is usually a lonely place. Whilst part of you might yearn to feel close to your partner again, another part might not feel able to let your guard down, or perhaps wants to punish your partner. It can look many different ways, but at the heart of it both partners are stuck in an unhappy pattern, that neither understand how to change.

If you want to:

  • Speak openly & honestly about what you really feeling
  • Have compassion & empathy for your partner
  • Feel appreciated or special, in your partner’s eyes
  • Have natural intimacy & enjoyable sex

then this webinar is a great starting point. It is designed to give you a new perspective, help you understand where you are stuck & what you can do to help yourself, even if your partner is oblivious or not up for exploring with you. You do not need to have seen my ‘Recovering Connection’ webinar, but they each give a different view of ways we get stuck & tangible ways we can recover & complement each other.

Wanting more?

This webinar is part of a series.  I will be running these, as well as more in-depth & interactive virtual group sessions where there will be a chance to delve deeper, explore specific situations & address some unanswered questions. I am mindful of the need for confidentiality, so these will be set up appropriately.

The rest of the series will include:

There may be additional topics in response to participants questions. Dates to follow shortly.

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