Don’t read this blog now!

A good friend shared her sense of blog overwhelm today. Somewhat hypocritically as I launch my blog, I can safely say I know exactly what she means ;o) So, yes, my challenge to you is don’t read this blog now! Delete it, or store it for if, or when you have the space and want to.

We live in a complex, over-informational age where some of the core skills we need seem to be filtering the noise by staying in touch with what is truly relevant and valuable to us, and choosing when and how we receive information and communicate. Just because immediacy and electronic formats are an option, and even set up as an expectation, does not mean they are always beneficial or healthy. Look at the way videos on social media led to horrific images being shown of the attack in Woolwich without thought for the victims family. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

I am naturally curious about how electronic communication affects our relationships. How do feelings, meaning and intimacy translate in facebook, tweets, texts and emails? How do we respect privacy as we share online? What happens when we have fewer face to face conversations and discussions take place electronically? Many people feel more connected through sharing online as it increases the contact we can have with others. Having had twins, I found facebook invaluable for connecting with other multiple mums as it was harder to get out and meet up face to face, and it helped me feel less isolated. At the same time it can be a way we avoid closer connection.

Interestingly much of our experience and use of electronic communication reflects our own patterns of thinking and behaviour. For example, we might spend a long time over what we type, maybe because as we want to be heard, liked, to avoid mistakes or feel exposed, or we might write freely without hesitation and even intentionally want to shock or entertain. Our reaction to what others say is again based on our perspective and hot buttons. Whilst some of my clients talk about misunderstandings through electronic communication, they usually reflect existing deeper issues within their relationship(s) which they are struggling to resolve.

Whatever your relationship with the electronic world, it’s worth remembering you have a choice and that it can teach you as much about yourself as those you are LinkedIn with.

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