Don’t read this blog now!

A wonderful friend shared her sense of blog overwhelm today. Somewhat hypocritically, I can safely say I know exactly what she means ;o) So, yes, my challenge to you is Don’t read this blog now! Delete it, or store it for if, or when you have the space and want to.

We live in a complex, over-informational age where some of the core skills seem to be filtering the noise by staying in touch with what is truly relevant and valuable to us, and choosing when and how we receive information and communicate. Just because immediacy and electronic formats are an option, and even set up as an expectation in many quarters, does not mean they are always beneficial or healthy.

I am left with more questions than answers. How do feeling, meaning and depth translate in texts and online? What happens when they are regularly missed out?
How does electronic communication affect relationships?

Practical tip: Learn to manage the inundation of email, blogs, e-zines etc. My Outlook is FULL of filters so I can choose what I read when, and limit distraction. A great lesson from my virtual assistant in her booklet Breaking Through Administrivia: How to Conquer Administrative Baggage in Solopreneurship.


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