Borocca madness

I get so angry every time I see a Borocca or Lemsip ad on TV. Their message is that as an individual our success is based on us keeping going, at a fast pace, however we feel. For what? For your all important work or role in life… but what about you? What about trusting your body when it tells you it needs a rest, or to slow down?

I know, I know.. it’s an ad, so why am I so worked up about it? Because it’s so pervasive it’s almost becoming an unquestioned fact that people should not put their needs before their work and achievements. Even MY boss can be a slave driver.. and yes, I’m self-employed so that’s me! I’ve been fighting a bug over the last week and notice how hard it is to give myself a break, and allow myself to be ill, to slow down and even stop.

I want a new ad on TV more along the Kitkat ‘Take a break’ theme… selling us the health and happiness that comes from listening and responding to our bodies.
As for me, I’m listening to my own propoganda and am off for 40 winks!


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