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How Poor Communication Wrecks Relationships

The way we communicate makes all the difference in relationship. Whether it builds connection or creates distance. In our romantic relationships, it is easy over time to get stuck in communication patterns that wreck and undermine our relationship. 84% of my last 44...

Care Enough to Join Me?

Not long now til my ‘Reigniting the Fire’ webinar next week! I realised as I was practising it today, how much I care about getting the message out there that it’s worth learning about relationship dynamics. That being able to respond differently can not only save a...

Feed Your Soul

Nourishment is important in life and I’m not just talking about food and sex.   What feeds your heart and soul? What makes you smile deeply? I have just been to the Degas to Picasso exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum as I love cubist art. These seemingly...



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