This is a great video with recent ex-boarders sharing how Boarding School affected their sense of well-being and how they had to survive the experience.

Watch the Video here: Boarding School Survivors

Nick Duffell provides expert explanations and highlights the risk that children “emotionally never come home”.  He also points out a key difference between the way boys and girls cope with boarding – boys tend to cut off their feelings whilst girls somatise, showing any distress in a physical way, for example eating disorders or illnesses.

The video raises important questions about the impact of it being normal in the UK to send children away to school and what this means within our culture and political system, given 30% of politicians have come through Boarding School and inevitably had to survive this in some way. This is something Nick Duffell has written about in his book Wounded Leaders.

There are specialists, like myself, and Boarding School Survivor workshops for ex-boarders who want to understand or explore this more, as well as support from Boarding School Survivor Support.