This webinar will help clarify where normal relationship behaviour turns into abusive behaviour. Much abuse is psychological & is, therefore, harder for the individual to notice & believe it is really happening to them. It is normal for the recipient to feel crazy or be called crazy, but the reality is that it is not about them, but the abusive behaviour that is crazymaking.

Wanting more?

This webinar is part of a series.  I will be running these, as well as more in-depth & interactive virtual group sessions where there will be a chance to delve deeper, explore specific situations & address some unanswered questions. I am mindful of the need for confidentiality, so these will be set up appropriately.

The rest of the series will include:

  • Shifting Relationship Dynamics
  • Relationships after Children
  • Recovering after Affairs
  • Relationships in Step & Blended Families