All step and blended families are unique, as they are so diverse, & come with their own set of challenges.

Are you a step parent, or about-to-be step parent

  • Battling over family decisions with your new partner?
  • Feeling torn between everyone’s needs?
  • Struggling with difficult feelings & behaviour?
  • Attached to unrealistic expectations?

Differences range from whether both partners or one already have a child or children, their age & gender, the agreements on whom they live with & when, if in the new relationship they have their own children together, the state of the relationships with ex-partners & how the family forms. What is universal is that there are always conflicting needs & that everyone involved, adults & children, have to manage a lot of change & feelings.

Take a step back & gain

  • A different perspective on Step family dynamics
  • New understanding of what can help
  • A sense of what is realistic

There are no neat solutions, so this webinar will give you a fresh perspective, & focus on positive & tangible ideas that make a difference & bring enjoyment along the way.


Wanting more?

This webinar is part of a series.  I will be running these, as well as more in-depth & interactive virtual group sessions where there will be a chance to delve deeper, explore specific situations & address some unanswered questions. I am mindful of the need for confidentiality, so these will be set up appropriately.

The rest of the series will include:

  • Shifting Relationship Dynamics
  • Relationships after Children
  • Recovering after Affairs
  • Abusive Relationships