The other day I was asked the origins of my passion for my work and realised my answer also links to the age old question of how to sustain passion within a relationship.

In 2003, I’d been a life coach for a few years helping individuals to identify and create more of what they wanted in their lives. I began to see the hardest part for clients was usually in their relationships. From my own personal experience I also knew how hard relationships can be and I wanted to know what would help.

It’s normal to struggle in relationships

When I started my couplework training, it was such a relief to hear that much of what my clients and I were going through was not only normal but an essential part of the journey to move towards a deeper and more intimate relationship, however painful and hellish to live through at times.

Ending of a phase not the entire relationship?

It’s a frightening and tough stage when you really don’t know if your relationship can last especially when you have kids who depend on you both, whatever their age. My passion comes from the opportunity to support individuals and couples at these times of crisis, wherever they are. To help them talk about what often feels unspeakable and unsafe and explore what is possible. There is no magic wand, but there is a magic and transformative power that comes from daring to face an ending within your relationship. To see if it’s the ending of a phase of relationship rather than the relationship itself, and if so staying to explore what is potentially beginning together.

Rediscover passion

Where sex might have died, new intimacy and passion can grow from this honesty and deepening understanding. In turn, as two adults truly see each other, their is a renewed desire to make love to each other.