‘Good Enough’ is Enough

I hope the changes and tips in my last 3 newletters have given you some new understanding and awareness, alongside some ideas and strategies to support you in your relationship as you parent together. It is important to remember that it’s about being a ‘good enough’ parent as there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ parent. That in making mistakes and learning from them as a parent we find out more about ourselves, our partners and our children, and in turn teach our kids that they don’t have to be ‘perfect’, giving them permission to make their own mistakes. Instead of feeling guilty for what you don’t feel you are doing or managing, notice what are you ARE doing and managing, and how you are learning and changing.

Allow yourself to experiment as every child is different – so it’s normal to try something and then need to tweak it, or even change your mind completely. Find some likeminded parents with whom you can share the tougher challenges and kick around ideas and strategies that might help, alongside celebrating the positives from your parenting journey. Young children are in the present moment so they will respond to what is happening ‘now’ and can change very quickly if as parents we change our behaviour or responses. Above all have compassion for yourself and your partner and remember that having kids under 5 is an incredibly intense and challenging stage of life in so many ways. Sadly few people give us feedback and tell us we are doing a good job as parents, so why not get in the habit of telling yourself you are, and if you feel like it, acknowledge your friends as parents too. It’s time as a society that we value parenting more highly – I would argue it’s the most important job we do as we shape the next generation.

Here’ to being ‘good enough’ parents and learning as we go – you’re in good company.