Nourishment is important in life and I’m not just talking about food and sex.


What feeds your heart and soul?

What makes you smile deeply?

I have just been to the Degas to Picasso exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum as I love cubist art. These seemingly fragmented pictures with their juxtaposition of lines, shapes, colours and simplicity yet complexity fill me with such joy. They both move and nourish me. Of course we are all moved by different things and in different ways. For some it’s visual, for others sound / music, physicality, nature etc. There are no right ways – just our innate and personal ways.

Why not take a moment now to reflect on what gives you deep fulfilment and pleasure. What ways are you able to weave this into your everyday life and nourish yourself? Family life and demanding jobs can make this seem impossible at times, and it’s worth holding onto and finding ways to include things that feed our soul.