Not long now til my ‘Reigniting the Fire’ webinar next week! I realised as I was practising it today, how much I care about getting the message out there that it’s worth learning about relationship dynamics. That being able to respond differently can not only save a relationship, but can create a deeper, more alive and sexually fulfilling relationship.

Affairs & Divorce are Common

We have a society where affairs and divorce are common and we all know people whose lives have been changed by these. Yet there are still limited voices sharing what we can do to work at our own relationship and learn about what sustaining intimacy and a relationship really looks like.

I love that Terry Real, a leading relationship expert based in the US, says that it’s cruel to identify that a couple has a problem with intimacy, without also giving them the understanding, tools and experience of intimacy – what it looks and feels like. I totally agree.

Vulnerability & Honesty are at the Heart of Intimacy

In all my work, whether face to face, webinars or online, I aim to create the safety and environment for moments of intimacy to happen. You can’t force intimacy, but in bringing my humanity and vulnerability, I enable others to explore this in themselves, and this honesty is at the heart of what enables intimacy to flow. I also point out these moments and honour the deeper connection that is present, so that clients can see the difference and know what they are moving towards and that it is worth the effort. After all it takes courage to be honest with ourselves, our partners and risk change.

Care Enough to Join Me?

So if you care about the health, sustainability and sexual energy of your relationship, or for a future relationship if you’re currently single, why not join me on 1st May for my ‘Reigniting the Fire’ webinar.

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