Are you close to someone who was at boarding school as a child? A partner, sibling or parent? Do you know much about their time at school? Do you ever wonder about what impact the experience had and how it might affect their relationship with you? If you want to understand more, there is a short workshop in November:

“Workshop for Partners, Siblings and Adult Children of former boarders” facilitated by Helena Lovendal‐Duffell and Paul Welcomme

When: Sat 2nd Nov 2013, 2-4pm, in Central London. Fill in the contact form at Boarding Concern to ask for more information.

And if you were a boarder yourself, as I was, you might be interested in workshops with other ex-boarders. I found these workshops really helpful to understand how being at boarding school affected me and how I am in relationships, and through this how to make changes and be happier. Mens and Womens Workshops for 2013 and 2014.