As I left Slough station last week, I noticed a little girl, of about 3, in a full gypsy-esque style dress with big ruffles at its sleeves and throughout its skirt. I was struck by the femininity of it – it shouted ‘pink’ even though it was white!

Having been a tomboy and fought with my mum over wearing skirts and dresses, ‘girliness’ can still feel a little alien. It’s taken me time to learn to enjoy my femininity, and I still find it hard at times. Working within a corporate environment did not exactly help the process and the strong female role models as I grew up were generally more in touch with their masculine side – think Maragaret Thatcher. She may have had voice coaching to soften her speech, but her energy was still full of balls!

The hardest part is that my masculine side seems to have achieved so much and I really value it, and initially in becoming more feminine I thought I had to ditch it totally. What an impossible choice. Finally, I am realising that I can use my masculine (my doing, goal oriented, boundary setting, grounded ballsiness) to support and allow a greater space for my feminine (my being, intuitive, emotional, earthy creativity) and that this combination is most powerful and freeing.

…And for all the Men reading this with curiosity, ‘yes!’ there is more power and freedom through integration for you too – though of course it is your masculinity that is enhanced!