Are you sitting comfortably? then I’ll begin…

Yes… telling the right kind of story makes all the difference. Carol Ross, previously my coach, has a wonderful podcast where she interviews ‘the father of storytelling’, Stephen Denning, about his book “The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling”. He shares his experience from within the World Bank and how he identified 8 distinct categories of story, each with a different style and impact. Its a great book for anyone in business, especially Directors and Entrepreneurs, however I’m noticing it also seems to have relevance in family life too!

One comment Stephen makes that links to my own experience as a coach, working with individuals and couples, is that telling our story helps when we have a gap between our self-image and reality. (Currently, the gap I am playing with is between a self-image of superwoman – 150% mother, wife & entrepreneur, with me-time – and the reality of fitting everything in at a sane and enjoyable pace within my waking hours!)

Hmmm.. I wonder where Pooh Bear and Thomas the Tank Engine fit in stylistically during their seemingly endless renditions in our household?!