My coaching practise has it’s 15th birthday this month. I wanted my original company name to reflect my clients yearning for change and desire to be budding, blossoming and growing within their lives and with the parallels of being ‘in Spring’ the name was born:

The reality for some was that they were ‘in winter’, feeling lost and stuck with little of them showing above ground, possibly needing to grieve the loss of something or build self-understanding and strength before being able to blossom again.

As I became a mother in 2005 I chose to specialise in relationships, starting training during my pregnancy and resulting in the birth of:

Your Relationship Coach

It was only afterwards I understood the changes that happen in out intimate relationships when we become parents and how natural this shared timing was.  For more read my Parenthood – A relationship Step blog. My work has broadened as relationships bring all seasons, but our innate human desire to blossom fully is still central.

A Big Thank you

Thank you to all my clients, trainers, supervisors, colleagues, companions and particularly my husband and sons who’ve all been part of this fulfilling journey so far. I can’t wait for the next 15 years and with my next ongoing training focused on sexual grounding and sexual energy there’s going to be even more relationship understanding and aliveness I can share with my clients.